Hazbin Hotel

February 05, 2024

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"Hazbin Hotel" is an adult animated musical comedy series that follows the story of Charlie, the crown princess of Hell. Her mission is to rehabilitate sinners so that they may gain entry into Heaven. The show is produced by A24 and Bento Box Entertainment, in collaboration with Amazon Studios.

Type: Television Series.
Genres: Animation, Black Comedy.
Rated: TV-MA (Mature Audience Only).

IMDb Rating: 7.7/10. Metascore: 69/100. Rotten Tomatoes: 87/100

Created & Directed by: Vivienne Medrano.
Voices of: Erika Henningsen as Charlie, Stephanie Beatriz as Vaggie, Blake Roman as Angel Dust.

No. of Seasons: 1.
No. of Episodes: 9 (including Pilot).
Running time: 31 minutes (pilot), 24 minutes (episodes).
Release date: January 18, 2024.
Network: Amazon Prime Video.



Charlie, the Princess of Hell in Hazbin Hotel, has an ambitious plan to reduce overpopulation in Hell by rehabilitating demons and helping them check out into Heaven. Despite facing criticism from most of Hell, she establishes a hotel and enlists the help of her loyal companion Vaggie, and her first test subject, Angel Dust, a well-known adult film star.

Charlie's determination to achieve her wild ambition increases when Alastor, a powerful entity known as "The Radio Demon," offers to lend a hand. With Alastor's support, Charlie's vision becomes even more promising.

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A week after a big event, a girl named Charlie narrates a story about a man named Lucifer who was once an angel but fell in love with the first woman called Lilith. As a result, they were banished from Heaven and created a place called Hell. A big fight happens every year between Heaven and Hell to maintain discipline among the wicked people. However, Hell is still reeling from the last battle, and Lilith has not been seen in a long time.

Charlie's father invited her to an important meeting with some high-ranking officials from Heaven. However, Charlie's plan to help the sinners in her hotel did not impress them. Meanwhile, Charlie's girlfriend and the hotel staff planned to create a video, but they had to postpone it due to the imminent threat of a big fight breaking out.

Someone reports to the leader of the big fight that one of his fighters was killed in Hell, and he wants to retaliate for it.

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Alastor, an overlord, unexpectedly returns after a long absence, which worries the other three overlords known as the Vees (Vox, Valentino, and Velvette). Vox tries to alert Alastor about the situation, but things take an unexpected turn when Alastor sends a warning message to Vox. This prompts the Vees to think of a plan to destroy the hotel from within.

Vox enlists a demon named Sir Pentious to spy on the hotel by posing as a hotel guest. As Sir Pentious is getting accustomed to the hotel's operations, Angel Dust, another resident of the hotel and Hell's most popular star, feels saddened that Charlie doesn't believe he can change. Angel Dust later finds out that Sir Pentious is working for Vox.

He tells this to the rest of the hotel staff, and while he and Vaggie want to kill Sir Pentious, Charlie forgives him and gives him a second chance after witnessing Vox yelling at him for failing. Sir Pentious accepts the offer.

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Vaggie is concerned about Sir Pentious' behavior and wants him to be a better person. She suggests he gets rid of his egg minions called "Egg Bois." Vaggie asks Alastor to dispose of them, but they are interrupted by an ancient overlord named Zestial. During the meeting, Velvette presents the other overlords with the head of a deceased exterminator angel and proposes a war with Heaven. However, Zestial disagrees and fears that it would cause more deaths. Velvette insults him, but Carmilla Carmine kicks her out of the gathering.

Later, it is revealed that Carmilla killed the exterminator to protect her daughters, which is overheard by one of Sir Pentious’ Egg Bois. The egg relays the message to Alastor. Meanwhile, Charlie asks Vaggie to lead trust exercises at the hotel. Vaggie worries that the group will not be ready for the upcoming Extermination. She pushes the patrons to do strenuous activities.

After Charlie expresses her concern to Vaggie that her actions are becoming excessive, the two have a conversation and realize that their friends have formed a bond through the experiences Vaggie put them through. Charlie and Vaggie ultimately agreed to allow Sir Pentious to keep his Egg Bois.

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Screenshot of Hazbin Hotel Season 1 Episode 4


Angel Dust leaves the hotel to act in an adult film. During the shooting, Charlie arrives intending to take Angel Dust back to the hotel, but Valentino beats him up, reminding him of his ownership over Angel Dust's soul, and forces him to make her leave. Angel Dust keeps acting in the film and faces constant assault from Valentino and other workers. Back in the hotel, he gets into an argument with Husk, the hotel's bartender, who had accused him of being "fake."

Angel Dust and Husk go to a bar at the request of Charlie. While they were there, one of Valentino's associates tried to drug Angel Dust. Thankfully, Husk intervenes and saves him from harm. However, Angel Dust becomes agitated with Husk for rescuing him. He admits that he allows Valentino to mistreat him so that he can become useless to Valentino. By doing so, he hopes that Valentino will stop using him.

Husk confesses that he used to be an overlord who struggled with gambling addiction. To maintain his power, he made a deal with Alastor, resulting in him being trapped in a situation similar to Angel Dust's. It is through this shared experience that Husk and Angel Dust form a friendship. Later, when they return to the hotel, Angel Dust expresses his gratitude towards Charlie for her concern, leading to an emotional moment.

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Screenshot of Hazbin Hotel Season 1 Episode 5


Charlie tries to reconnect with Heaven and calls her father, Lucifer. He comes to her hotel room but clashes with Alastor. Mimzy interrupts their argument and requests to meet with Alastor. Husk is suspicious of Mimzy's intentions, stating that she only shows up when she needs something.

Alastor dismisses Husk's remarks, but when Husk implies that Alastor is in debt to someone, Alastor becomes enraged and threatens to kill Husk if he crosses the line again. Later, Husk's suspicions about Mimzy are confirmed when several loan shark demons attack the hotel. Alastor uses his abilities to eliminate the loan sharks before forcing Mimzy to leave, as he does not want any further harm affecting the hotel.

Lucifer expresses his belief that Charlie's plan is impossible, citing his opinion that sinners are inherently evil and that Heaven will never listen to her. Charlie is understandably upset by this, but the two ultimately come to a resolution and reconcile. Later on, Lucifer agrees to arrange another meeting between Charlie and Heaven.

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Charlie and Vaggie meet the head seraphim, Sera, and Emily in Heaven. Adam and Lute confront Vaggie, who is an exterminator angel. Vaggie spared a sinner child during a previous extermination, leading to an attack by Lute. Adam threatens to tell Charlie the truth. A trial begins to determine if souls in Hell can be redeemed.

During the trial, Angel Dust's friend Cherri Bomb appears as a hologram and takes him and the other hotel members to a nightclub. While trying to save Niffty from Valentino, Angel Dust stands up to him and tells Valentino that he can do whatever he wants to him in the studio, but outside of the studio, Angel Dust is his own man. Charlie believes that this proves that Angel Dust is redeemable, but it's later revealed that even the angels are unaware of how souls enter Heaven.

Adam reveals the Extermination plans, causing Emily to lose trust in Sera. He also shares Vaggie's past as an exterminator with Charlie, leaving her upset. Despite their efforts, the court finds no evidence that a sinner can be redeemed and sends Charlie and Vaggie back to Hell. Adam promises to start the Extermination with the hotel, and Emily pledges to assist Charlie.

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Upon confessing that she was once an angel and got banished from Heaven, Vaggie shares with the group. Alastor then cheers Charlie up by revealing a way to defeat exterminators. Charlie sends Vaggie to convince Carmilla to aid them while she and Alastor scout for more sinners to join their cause. They arrive at Cannibal Town and meet Rosie, the town's overlord. Rosie agrees to join the fight, and they convince the town's inhabitants to join them through a musical performance.

Carmilla teaches Vaggie to fight angels with past Extermination's weapons, and Vaggie regains her wings. Carmilla agrees to provide the hotel with angelic weapons. Vaggie and Charlie reconcile and enter the hotel, finding the staff preparing for the upcoming angel battle.

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As the people residing in the hotel strengthen their defenses, Charlie confides in Vaggie about her fears of leading everyone to their deaths. However, Vaggie manages to reassure and convince her to believe in herself. Soon after, The Extermination arrives, and a fierce battle erupts between the angels and sinners. Alastor and Adam engage in combat, with Adam inflicting severe injuries on Alastor and forcing him to flee. Sir Pentious declares his love for Cherri Bomb and then sacrifices himself in a futile attempt to destroy Adam.

Charlie turns into a demon after the death of Sir Pentious and then confronts Adam. Meanwhile, Vaggie battles Lute and defeats her by crushing her under rubble. However, Lute tries to escape by tearing off Vaggie's arm but continues to attack. To help Charlie, Lucifer arrives and defeats Adam. It leads to the hotel's destruction and the angels' retreat. Charlie rebuilds the hotel with the assistance of her friends and father.

The Vees plan to take over Hell, while Alastor seeks freedom, control, and a reunion with Charlie. Sir Pentious redeems himself as an angel in Heaven. Lute orders Lilith to confront Charlie in Hell to stay in Heaven.

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